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Steering at its best.

Welcome to the HyDrive website. Steering at its best for all types of vessels from 5 to 105 metres. See details

Admiral Series

Tired of fighting with the steering on your boat? Then let an Admiral put you in command. See details

World leaders

One of the world leaders in boat steering technology and the largest manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere. See details

Bullhorn Steering

This is the most powerful and durable cylinder of its type on the market. See details

Steering at its best. Admiral Series World leaders Bullhorn Steering
5000 Series drop-in panel 5000 Series drop-in panel

Admiral Series Cylinders

This is the most powerful and durable cylinder of its type on the market.It is capable of handling single or multiple engine installations.
  • HyDrive uses nothing but chromed brass,bronze and stainless steel.
  • It is compact in design and requires only a small amount of clearance (615mm).
  • Other variations are available for Cats, dual stations etc. Ask your dealer for further information on these options.

HD Series Cylinders

This superb range of cylinders are designed and constructed exclusively for use on boat steering equipment.
  • The unique rod-end is made entirely from bronze and stainless steel.
  • HyDrive cylinders are available in a range of sizes and strokes to cater to a wide range of rudder torque.
  • HD Series Cylinders are manufactured to the highest standards and safety margins.

5000 Series Cylinders

These cylinders are built to meet the toughest requirements of International Survey Societies and to withstand the harshest marine environment.
  • Heavy Duty steel construction including hard-chromed high tensile piston rods.
  • Polyurethane coated for high protection against the environment.
  • Stainless steel clevis pins and high safety factors.

Integrated E-Series

Highly reliable with steering staus monitoring at all times
  • Foundation of the system is the ES-900 bridge controller.
  • The advanced controller technology is highly resistant to on-board voltage spikes.
  • HyDrive steering control system offers the best performance for long term professional use.

Electric Motor Controls

Offering total steering and monitoring by wire
  • Systems have the flexibility to incorporate multiple stations and different control types.
  • Controls options such as Electronic helms, mini helm units, follow up levers and electronic controllers for the main bridge.
  • HyDrive steering options meet even the most complex steering requirements.

E-Series Pedestal

State-of-the-art electronic full follow-up controller which offers an integrated system.
  • Electronic follow-up wheel control, non-follow-up joystick for emergency control and rapid docking.
  • Rudder and Wheel angle display, full alarm monitoring including provision for GPS.
  • This flexible controller can be tailored to suit any steering requirement on any size vessel.

Yacht Steering with feedback or feel

With the release of the new Admiral HD Series helm units, HyDrive introduce an Evolution in Yacht Steering.
  • The ULTIMATE for Yacht feedback.
  • New improved performance, and unique oil balanced design.
  • HyDrive Hydraulic steering offers huge advantages for sailing boats.

Feedback Options

Many yacht sailors prefer to maintain a high degree of feed-back, or feel, from their steering systems.
  • Models available for Single Stations.
  • Manual Locking of Helm.
  • Electric Locking of Helm.

Catamaran Steering

HyDrive is now recognised as the market leader in hydraulic steering for catamarans.
  • Catamaran steering WITHOUT a Tie - Rod.
  • Precision, quality and intelligent design are the keys to this revolution in steering.
  • The efficiency of the design means that even small loads can be sensed at the wheel.

HyDrive Power Steering

Systems are available for boats ranging in size from 10m to larger vessels 100m and over.
  • 12VDC power steering units for small boats.
  • Custom-made systems for larger vessels 15m and over.
  • All HyDrive power steering systems are built to meet the toughest conditions.

Power Steering 12V

Why should I consider using power-assisted steering instead of manual hydraulic?
  • HyDrive’s impressive range of manual hydraulic outboard steering is ideal for most applications.
  • Models to suit inboards and jets.
  • 12VDC Power steering to suit any brand or horsepower outboard or medium range inboard rudder.

Motor Power Packs

HyDrive Power Packs are supplied as complete modules and are available in various sizes
  • HyDrive Power Packs are supplied as complete modules and are available in various sizes.
  • Heavy duty motor and pump assembly, 100 Litre reservoir protected by 2-pack for maximum corrosion resistance.
  • All HyDrive Power Steering systems are built to meet the stringent requirements of International Survey Authorities.

Tired of fighting with the steering?

Then let an Admiral put you in command.
  • Australia’s largest selling hydraulic steering for small boats.
  • Finest in smooth, powerful steering.
  • Large horsepower outboards are handled with comfort and without feedback from engine torque.

HyDrive Admiral HD Series Helm Units

Intelligent and efficient internal design ensures optimum performance and maximum durability under the most extreme conditions.
  • The new HD Series helms with an increased efficiency rating of around 30%.
  • The new models are fully interchangeable with the older HyDrive models.
  • Manual Emergency Steering for Power Assisted Systems.

HyDrive Commander Series

Designed and manufactured in Australia to offer a budget range with maximum corrosion resistance.
  • State-of-the-art aluminium cylinder design.
  • Unique electrolyte insulation between metals.
  • Suitable for leisure and commercial boat installations.

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